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Solving various issues surrounding AI and data

Unlike the use of external data in conventional analysis, the value of AI and machine learning differs greatly when external data changes its shape and persists as a learning result.

This consortium will tackle various issues surrounding AI, including annotations.

AI Research WG

The AI Research WG will examine data that contributes to AI research and how to solve social issues using these data. In North America and China, active data collection is actively promoting solutions to social issues through local AI research. The AI Research WG will work with other WGs to solve social issues by promoting AI research through data distribution and utilization.

There is no ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) engine that can recognize words spoken by people with cerebral palsy or hearing impairment.

Many supporters feel that the language spoken by people with disabilities who have difficulty speaking is recognizable.

Supports communication and social participation for people with disabilities who are difficult to speak through conversation data collection and the latest AI research.

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