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Data transforms and persists in AI model

New challenges in Intellectual Property and Contract

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Solving Social Issues with AI

Realization of AI and Data Ecosystem

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Accelerating AI Research

Pursue New Possibilities

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Realization of a flexible data infrastructure for AI

Smart Contract and Automated Transation

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AI Data Symposium 2019 [2019, November 29th Friday, 14:00 ~ 17:00 (13:30 open)]


Issues Surrounding Data

There are many issues to be solved in AI research, open innovation, and solution (commercialization), such as fragmented data providers, different licensing concepts, personal information, and binding with computation resource.

  • Standardization of contract process and construction of data sharing platform for data provision and utilization
  • Realization of data utilization model considering personal information and privacy
  • Realizing a sustainable data utilization platform by realizing various data stores and data commerce
AI Data Consortium
AI Data Consortium

Four Themes of the AI Data Consortium


IP and Contract

Data transforms and persists in AI model. This requires different ways of thinking about transaction and contracts. This requires similar concept as technology patent, and there is contract framework for AI training data. We clarify appropriate contract model with known experts and legal offices.


AI Research

Through data collection and distribution undertaken through the AI Data Consortium, we will accelerate AI research that contributes to solving social issues in cooperation with domestic universities and research institutions. Supporting social participation for people with disabilities with AI is an example.


Data Collection

We will accelerate the open innovation through collection various data and make it available not only for research and education, but commercial use while majority of open data is limited to research and education purpose. The data sustainability is especially important for campus ventures and AI startups.


Data Platform

AI Data Consortium provides a flexible data sharing platform that supports various contract conditions, standards, and security requirements, and supports data control that is becoming increasingly important. Data provenance and liability are the key element of data platform service.

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