About membership

By joining the AI Data Utilization Consortium, you can participate in various activities, as well as various resources that the consortium creates and develops, such as contract templates and data infrastructure that are premised on the use of AI as a learning data set. It can be used in-house.

The consortium provides various values to members, such as technical seminars to acquire technical knowledge of AI and Data, and also makes possible to reduce the cost of building data platform for own organization.

 Secretary MemberRegular MemberAssociate MemberSupporting Menmber
Participation in seminars and symposiums
If a seminar or symposium organized by the consortium is available for a fee, you can participate free of charge.
Activity report, newsletter
You can receive a newsletter for members.
No transaction cost of Data Platform
Regardless to the size and number of data, no cost will be charged
WG Participation
You can participate in each WG activity and reflect your opinions and ideas.
Referencing and using contract templates
Member can use smart contract algorithm and template created by the consortium for own business. This is only available to the members.
Rights to use Data Platform for own organization
Member can use the Data Platform and access to the source code created by the consortium for own organization. (require to be a member more than a year)
Data Platform for own SI business 
Member can sell and use the data platform created by the consortium for own SI business. (requires to be a member more than 1 year)

※Limited to participate in as an observer.

Please access “Contact” for any inquiries.

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