Greetings from the representative director and chairman

Makoto Nagao
President, AI Data Consortium

In April 2019, the AI Data Utilization Consortium was established. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the function of recognition, memory, reasoning, and learning to recognize, memorize, and infer external phenomena, make useful decisions, and act. The essence of AI is to have the ability to learn to get smarter and wiser through these functions. In order for AI to be smarter, it must be given as much relevant data as possible. In addition, in the IOT era, personal data is being collected from all kinds of devices and it is becoming possible to respond individually.

Under these circumstances, it is impossible to research and develop And utilize AI without data. In other countries, the collection and utilization of data is actively being promoted, regardless of whether it is led by the government or the private sector. However, we have not seen such a positive movement yet in Japan. There are many cases in which the conditions for data utilization are clarified, but Japan is also far behind in this regard. It is necessary to establish a cycle in which academic results are utilized in business and thereby solve social issues, mainly by promoting the distribution and utilization of data.

The AI Data Utilization Consortium was established as a framework for all Japan, which industry, academia and government worked together for this purpose. Here, researchers, educational institutions, and business operators work together across organizational boundaries to comprehensively consolidate their knowledge for smooth data utilization. By building a platform and community to distribute data efficiently, we would like to further accelerate the research and utilization of AI in Japan.

The AI Data Utilization Consortium will first establish a working group in charge of four themes. In the Intellectual Property and Contract Review WG, we will consider contract procedures and contract templates that take into account the commercial flow and the form of the final product, and aim to realize smart contracts used in the data distribution infrastructure. The AI Research WG examines the data that contributes to AI research and how to solve social issues using those data. Data distribution and utilization WG engages in activities that contribute to the promotion of data distribution and utilization by data owners, annotators, and data users. The Data Infrastructure WG examines the architecture of the foundation to meet the various requirements required for data distribution, and works with members to implement it.

I There are various problems in the utilization of data. We hope that many interested people will agree with the consortium’s activities and make an effort to develop this field.

Makoto Nagao

AI Data Consortium, President


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